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Financial Planners & Advisers Wagga Wagga

Innovative Financial Services are your trusted financial planners and advisers for Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas.

We provide our clients with quality advice that is in their best interest, in a timely manner, helping them achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

From pre-retirees to retirees, business owners, farmers, young families and high net wealth, we are here to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Financial Services We Provide


Many of us have been dreaming about this exciting time and by taking an educated approach to your retirement

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Today more and more ausTralians are choosing to manage their own superannuation Through self Managed

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Savings & Budget

Effectively managing your finances helps to ensure you are making the most out of your money, while avoiding unnecessary

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Risk Insurance

When thinking about insurance, the old adage, ‘better safe than sorry’ rings true. No one likes to consider the unfortunate

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Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice is an arrangement where an employee agrees to forego a portion of their pre-tax salary as an additional

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The Basics Of Investing

It’s well understood that effective financial Planning is crucial In order to achieve our desired goals.

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Transition To Retirement

As the cost of living continues to rise and with increasing life expectancies, it is particularly important to ensure you

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Estate Planning

Estate planning provides you with an opportunity to make important decisions regarding the assets you have worked

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We are a team of experienced financial planning professionals who are established in NSW with the primary goal of providing quality service in finance advice for the benefit of individuals and businesses.

Our Mission is to create a difference in our clients lives.

We are passionate about providing the highest level of financial planning and investment advice, adding value to our clients.


  • Cash Flow & Debt Management;
  • Superannuation (including SMSF);
  • Wealth Creation Strategies;
  • Direct Share Investment;
  • Personal & General Insurances (also known as Risk Insurance);
  • Retirement & Estate Planning;
  • Centrelink & Aged Care Strategies.

No Obligation Consultation

Do you have concerns or questions about your finances? New clients are offered a one hour, face to face consultation in our private office. Get answers on how to improve your financial situation from our experienced finacial advisers.

Client Testimonials

I have found Michael to be very easy to speak with. I did 'shop' around to 3 other advisers, but returned because I felt that Michael was warm in his dealings and genuine in his care and attitude towards my requirements. Highly recommend if you are looking for a financial planner who will definitely make a positive impact.

Jonathan and Andrea Scott

Clients since 2014

I went to Michael on a referral from a work mate expecting to check my super was working for me and my investment property was set up properly. I was amazed at just how much Michael was able to do for me to help set me up for an early retirement and get more out of what I have now. I would highly recommend Michael, you don’t need to be earning millions of dollars to see a FA. Every day earners can benefit from seeing Michael and getting some expert advice.

Adrian Southwell