Estate planning provides you with an opportunity to make important decisions regarding the assets you have worked hard to build.

A Financial Adviser can help you to assess the issues surrounding your Estate, while considering your wishes for the future.

Many people believe Estate Planning is only for the very wealthy or for those who have complicated business structures or tax issues. However, it is in fact relevant for most people who have Assets and can be useful throughout various phases of life.

It’s important to understand that not all Assets are controlled by a Will. A Will can only address Estate Assets. Jointly held Assets, Trust Assets and Super are not necessarily dealt with by the terms of a Will.


An Estate Plan:

  • Ensures that the ownership and control of all of your Assets passes to your intended beneficiaries in a smooth transition.
  • Can minimise tax and capital gains penalties that may otherwise be imposed on the beneficiaries.
  • Can be helpful in relieving issues if you are concerned about what may transpire after your Assets are passed on.



  • Do you have appropriate life insurance to fund the needs of dependents and beneficiaries?
  • Are your Assets protected if one of your beneficiaries becomes divorced after your death?
  • Do you need to provide for a child with a disability?
  • Do you have children who may spend money intended for other purposes?
  • Can you make a binding nomination through your Super Fund?
  • What do you want to happen to your Assets if your spouse re-marries after your death?


Other Estate Planning Professionals

Estate planning is a specialist area and it is therefore important you obtain professional legal advice in relation to all areas of your estate plan. Specialists such as a Solicitor and an Accountant may also be involved to ensure all factors are considered. By seeking additional advice on tax and legal issues, your beneficiaries can gain the greatest benefits from your Estate. Not only can this plan give you peace of mind now, but it can make it easier for your executors and beneficiaries after your death.


A Financial Adviser can work with your preferred specialists to create an Estate Plan that reflects your wishes.

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