Regardless of your age or income a financial adviser can help you to make your financial and lifestyle goals become a reality.

Financial planning is about helping you to make smart decisions about money so you can manage your financial affairs more effectively and reach your life goals sooner. A financial adviser can help you with budgeting, cash flow management, a savings plan, superannuation, tax planning, home loan repayments, debt management and reduction, insurance, investments and also planning for retirement.

What you can expect from the advice process

The financial planning process involves:

  • ƒ Defining the scope of engagement
  • ƒ Identifying your goals
  • ƒ Assessing your financial situation
  • ƒ Preparing your financial plan
  • ƒ Implementing the recommendations
  • ƒ Reviewing the plan

A financial adviser has the technical expertise to develop the right strategy for you. They will know the latest legislative changes and ensure you feel financially confident about your future.

When will I need financial advice?

Most people seek advice when they reach major life milestones, such as:

Young to mid-life: Those aged 20-39, who are establishing and building careers, perhaps starting a family, getting married, or buying a home.

Mid-life: Those aged between 40-49, looking to secure a comfortable lifestyle and thinking about the future.

Pre-retirement: With 20 or more years of retirement ahead, main concerns may be debt elimination, protecting assets, helping children, wills and trusts.

Retirement: Generally from 65-years onwards, you may be thinking of aged care planning, gifting to your family and estate planning.


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