Michael was recommended to us by work colleagues who were impressed with his advice. We went to see him as a couple and for our daughter's investments also. Michael gave us advice about our superannuation, our investments, investing for our daughter and managing her property as well as advice about our insurance through our superannuation funds. With Michael's help we were able to better understand our superannuation and insurance and tailor it to suit our needs as well as understand how to better invest for our future. Michael also assisted me in making a successful claim that I otherwise wouldn't have applied for. Thanks to Michael we will be able to pay off our house years earlier than we expected and if we stick to the plan, my partner will be able to retire years early with enough income to enjoy it. We are just average income earners who can now enjoy the little things a bit more and look forward to an earlier retirement. Michael is awesome!


A generally excellent adviser at all levels. We thought it may be daunting, but Michael kept things simple and communicated with us at all times. Very pleased.


I went to Michael on a referral from a work mate expecting to check my super was working for me and my investment property was set up properly. I was amazed at just how much Michael was able to do for me to help set me up for an early retirement and get more out of what I have now. I would highly recommend Michael, you don’t need to be earning millions of dollars to see a FA. Every day earners can benefit from seeing Michael and getting some expert advice.

Adrian Southwell

I have found Michael to be very easy to speak with. I did "shop" around to 3 other advisers, but returned because I felt that Michael was warm in his dealings and genuine in his care and attitude towards my requirements. Highly recommend if you are looking for a financial planner who will definitely make a positive impact.

Jonathan and Andrea Scott
Clients since 2014

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